House Oversight Committee Will Investigate Louis DeJoy's GOP Fundraising

Recent claims that DeJoy pressured his employees to donate to GOP campaigns further questions his competency as Postmaster General.

What Happened:

Five of DeJoy’s former New Breed Logistics employees have come forward with claims that he pressed them to donate to and attend GOP fundraisers at his mansion in North Carolina. Other employees have corroborated these allegations, stating that bonuses were used to reward and incentivize campaign contributions. 

A Washington Post analysis of campaign finance records has revealed that 124 New Breed Logistics employees donated more than $1 million to state and federal GOP candidates between 2000 and 2014. Meanwhile, just nine employees contributed a measly $700 to Democratic candidates over the same period. 

Representative Maloney (D-NY), who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, released a statement Monday announcing the investigation and calling for the USPS Board of Governors to suspend DeJoy. 

Why it Matters:

Politicizing the Postal Service

The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 converted the postal service from a cabinet position to an independent agency. 

While appointing a truly apolitical Postmaster General is unrealistic, DeJoy’s $1.2 million donation to the Trump campaign demonstrates unprecedented partisanship. The new evidence that he swayed employees to generate millions in additional campaign contributions is even more egregious. 

Election Legitimacy

DeJoy’s three months as Postmaster General have been defined by actions to reduce USPS capacity heading into an election that will heavily depend on mail-in voting amid a pandemic. Thus far, he has deactivated sorting machines, removed collection boxes, and reduced staff overtime hours. 

These actions prompted hearings by both House Oversight Committees to question his conflicts of interest between business ties and a track record as a major Trump donor.