Immigrants Built America

Immigrants built these United States of America. 45% of all Fortune 500 companies were founded by first-generation or second-generation immigrants, according to a study by the New American Economy, a bipartisan pro-immigration group. 

Of the 223 companies, 101 were founded by foreign-born individuals and 122 were founded by children of immigrants.

First and second-gen immigrants make up roughly 25% of the US population. And, as Harvard economics and social policy professor George Borjas wrote for Politico, immigrants may negatively impact job prospects for U.S.-born individuals.

But, they provide extensively to our economy. Fortune 500 companies founded by immigrants employ 13.5 million people and, on average, employ 11% more workers than Fortune 500 companies with a non-immigrant founder.

Side note: 98% of all U.S. citizens are the product of immigration.

 Amid efforts by the Trump Administration to reduce legal immigration and asylum, the share of highly esteemed immigrant-founded companies is growing, according to the New American Economy’s Hanna Siegel and Andrew Lim.

Digital Democrats should know: Immigrants built and employ America.