Intel releases AI superchip, working on AI that mimics human mind

As Intel Corp releases its latest processor which will be its first to use artificial intelligence (AI), the tech company is aiming to develop semiconductors that mimic the procedural methods of the human mind.

What does it currently do?: The chip will assist Intel Xeon processors in large corporations to handle the increase of complicated AI computations. Facebook said that the company is already utilizing the product. 

What they’re saying: “This is critical to overcoming the so-called ‘brittleness’ of AI solutions based on neural network training and inference, which depend on literal, deterministic views of events that lack context and commonsense understanding,” Intel wrote in a research report. “Next-generation AI must be able to address novel situations and abstraction to automate ordinary human activities.”

Big picture: AI capabilities like machine learning and deep learning are rapidly altering business dynamics. “AI essentially refers to the concept of machines and virtual programs that can replicate human mannerisms, such as speech recognition, visual processing and so on,” describes Zacks equity Research. 

Why it matters: “In order to reach a future situation of ‘AI everywhere’, we have to deal with huge amounts of data generated and make sure organizations are equipped with what they need to make effective use of the data and process them where they are collected,” said Naveen Rao, general manager of Intel’s artificial intelligence products group. This AI will render a considerable number of jobs obsolete if the technology can successfully mimic the complexities of a human mind.