Lucid Motors Sets New Electric Vehicle Standard With 500-Mile Range

Combating climate change is still critical for the future of our planet. This affordable and uber efficient electric vehicle could help slash emissions.

What Happened:

A sleek, new electric vehicle has revived attention on mitigating climate change and energy efficiency. The Lucid Air, which recorded an EPA-rated range of 517 miles on one charge, is planned to be unveiled on September 9th, 2020. 

Previously, Lucid’s CEO and chief technology officer, Peter Rawlinson, projected that the Air would achieve a range in the vicinity of 400 miles. Since then, he attributes their increased efficiency to their in-house design and motors, as well as experience developing batteries for Formula E racing

A factory near Phoenix, Arizona is expected to start production in 2021

Why it Matters:

Huge Gains in Efficiency

Electric vehicle driving range has been viewed as a limited factor in their widespread use, especially in regions with fewer charging stations. For comparison, Tesla’s Model S, which was previously a leader in efficiency, has a range of 370 miles. Meanwhile, the majority of preexisting electric vehicles have a single-charge range of around 200 miles. 


Climate change and sustainability expose many socioeconomic disparities in terms of who can afford to adapt and which populations will be most adversely affected. Many electric vehicles are cost prohibitive even with a $7,500 tax credit and lower operation costs. Due to its efficiency and lightweight materials, Lucid Motors expects car prices to get to $25,000 in the coming years, putting them on par with cars like the Nissan Leaf.