QAnon Congresswoman

A Georgia congressional candidate won a Republican primary on a platform of conspiracies claiming satan-worship by Democrats and Trump as their savior.

What Happened:

Marjorie Taylor Greene won a Republican primary election on August 11th for Georgia’s 14th congressional district. Greene won the deeply red district by nearly 15 points, so there’s little doubt that she will be the first advocate of the extremist pro-Trump conspiracy theory group, QAnon, elected in November. 

Here’s what you need to know about Greene and this QAnon’s heinous principles. 


  • She was exposed for making absurd and offensive racist remarks against Muslims, Jews, and Black people in past Facebook videos.
  • She stated that QAnon is “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.”
  • In a tweet, Trump praised Greene for winning and characterized her as a star. 


  • Q is an alleged high-ranking official with access to classified information and the Trump administration. They have instigated thousands
  • Similar to Pizzagate, QAnon followers believe that prominent Democrats and celebrities are involved in an underground ring of international child-trafficking. 
  • They also believe Bill Gates created the coronavirus and John F. Kennedy Jr. is alive. 
  • Followers look for clues from Trump in his tweets, gestures, and public comments to inform their actions and beliefs.  
  • They are convinced an event known as “the storm” will bring the arrest and execution of all of Trump’s enemies. 

Why it Matters:

QAnon’s claims are outrageous, but their following is concerning. Believers have gone as far as crashing a car into the Hoover dam, threatening Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, and killing a mob boss out of devotion to Trump and conviction in QAnon conspiracies. 

Greene’s likely election into congress will amplify their messaging and potential for violence further, and many Republicans will remain silent to pander to QAnon-aligned voters.