Takeaways From the Republican National Convention

The RNC was unprecedented in its unabashed partisanship and promotion of blatant falsehoods. Let’s break down what happened.

What Happened:

The four-day Republican National Convention concluded on August 27th. Speakers and attendees ran the gamut from a couple charged with pointing guns at peaceful protesters to immigrants who unknowingly had their naturalization ceremony at the RNC. Between all the theatrics and rhetoric, here are some of the key takeaways.

1. The GOP Did Not Announce a New 2020 Platform

Instead of promoting plans to stabilize the economy or combat the pandemic, the Republican Party simply pledged its support for Trump and his administration. 

For good measure, they also added that the GOP “continues to reject the policy positions of the Obama-Biden Administration, as well as those espoused by the Democratic National Committee today” and unbiased reporting from the media on their support for Trump.

To put it plainly, anything Trump says or does is the GOP’s north star for governing. 

2. Public Health Measures be Damned 

Besides misrepresenting Trump’s pandemic response, Trump’s own speeches were riddled with incorrect and misleading information pertaining to COVID-19.  

When a Colorado police officer said she had recovered from COVID-19, Trump said “we don’t have to be afraid of you at all” and touted the potential of plasma therapy. In reality, public health officials are skeptical of its effectiveness, and its use at all is the result of a FDA emergency authorization by Trump’s own administration. Furthermore, there is evidence that reinfection may be possible. 

On the final night, public health precautions were further overlooked on the White House South Lawn so Trump could accept his nomination before a packed assembly of 1,000 mostly unmasked people. 

3. Casting a Dark View on Biden’s Presidency

During his 70-minute speech, Trump endeavored to describe America’s dark and dangerous future if Biden is elected president. 

In doing so, he blamed Democrats for looting and violence in connection with the largely peaceful protests in the wake of the murder of Geroge Floyd. Apparently, the fact that he’s the sitting president and has used military forces against protestors has not contributed to the unrest in Portland and beyond.