Tensions in Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Protest Grow

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Amid global and domestic attacks on our own democracy, Hong Kong youth have occupied the airport for 2 days while taking to the streets for 10 straight weeks to protest China’s increasing strangle on the region’s autonomy. 

Trump tweets:While Trump pressures the Chinese government on trade, the authoritarian-praising President has been criticized by both sides for his deviation from US policy to promote democracy. On Twitter, he said "the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong," adding, "Everyone should be calm and safe!" 

Expert opinion: "Trump favors both sides in Hong Kong protests. Hardly a profile in courage," said Nicholas Burns, a former senior US diplomat now at the Harvard University Kennedy School. "The only side the US should be on is democratic rights for the people of Hong Kong."

China’s government: Denying the protestors any legitimacy, state-run Chinese media has labeled Hong Kong protestors as "paid provocateurs." This is dangerous as the Communist Party has an overwhelming grip on the Internet within the Great Firewall and will continue this disinformation campaign. 

Why it matters: In mainland China, Communist opposition efforts and humanitarian abuses have been suppressed, including the concentration of Uyghur minorities. The digital ability of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong has given them a global megaphone, preserving the resistance for now.