Will Kamala Harris Put Big Tech in Check as Vice President?

Harris will be the VP on the Democratic ticket, prompting scrutiny on her track record and political leanings. Where does she stand on the tech industry?

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Belarus Without Internet Amid Election Controversy and Violent Attacks on Protestors

Following questionable election results, Belarus unleashes military force on its citizens during widespread internet blackouts and power outages. 

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Here’s How You Can Protect Your Photos From Facial Recognition Software

After years of documenting our lives online, can we shield our identities from facial recognition databases? These PhD students may have a solution.

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Could This Technology Put an End to Deepfakes?

A new photo and video authentication system could help combat fake news and propaganda. Will it be ready for the 2020 election?


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Trump Threatens to Ban TikTok

Is TikTok mining data for the Chinese government? Trump gives TikTok an ultimatum to sell to Microsoft or be banned from the U.S.

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QAnon Finally Rejected By Twitter